Natural Bath and Spa

Relaxing and nourishing Bath and Spa products handmade in Wales

Taking a bath is the most effective and pleasant way to care for your skin. Bathing relaxes the mind, body and soul. The effect of relaxing and healing does not only come through the water, which provides the warmth, but also through the herbs, which blend in with the water.

We have several therapeutic, herbal and floral ranges to choose from.

Bath oils contain a coconut oil based dispersant which  ensures the benefits of the base oils and essential oils are fully absorbed into your skin leaving you beautifully moisturised without the oil residue left in the bath!

Natural Sea Salts, the salt softens the water, opens the pores and this way provides the full benefit of the of our herbal additions and essential oils. With three blends to choose from you'll find the right one for you

Bath Salts
Bath Oil
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