Welcome to our new blog!

Thursday, 11 June 2015  |  Lewis

Welcome to the new Celtic Herbal blog, sitting on our lovely new website. 

We've have been a bit quiet recently and that's because we've been working hard relaunching our brand with a whole new look and bringing on board some lovely new products and some new fragrance ranges.  We have decided to wait until the launch of the new website to reveal the three fabulous new Signature ranges, Floral, Herbal and Woody.  In these ranges you will find all your old favourites plus some new additions - we love them all, we hope you do too!  Try our new Mandarin Lime and Basil, Exotic Woods and Ylang and Vetivert Lime and Cedarwood goodies. These new flavours are available as 100% natural soaps and eco friendly, soy wax, essential oil candles.  You can also find our Mandarin Lime and Basil; and Exotic Woods and Ylang blends in bath oil, sea salt and reed diffusers.

For those who are new to Celtic Herbal, just a reminder that everything is made here in Pwllheli by Tina and myself, with Katrina who pops in to give us a hand in production for a day a week.  This means that everything on our website has been lovingly mixed, stirred, poured, moulded and packaged by hand, by ourselves.  We pride ourselves on making high quality, ethical, natural products in small batches that are a million miles away from the mass produced products of the mainstream cosmetics and skincare industries.  We love what we make, we hope you do too!

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